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Get your Technological architecture ready for future growth

Is your technological architecture (or your team composition) getting in the way of your growth strategy? Does it prevent you from capitalizing on emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and machine learning? Or does it even prevent you from keeping up with the competition?

Therare a couple of common causes for this: too many customizations in your systems, tight system integrations, missing documentation, the lack of urgency for change, or too many soldiers (keeping the lights on) and too few artists (creatives with a drive for change) in your team(s).

Together with Remi Caron as your interim CTO/CIO, you’ll discover what optimizations are necessary, and how to implement these.

The result? Happy teams, happy customers, competitors now chasing you.

the experience of others like you

Remi surprised me with his effective way of working in which personal interaction and collaboration between the tech-teams is paramount. He contributed to the overarching organizational efficiency and goals by implementing simple structures and processes.”

Vincent van Donselaar, Co-founder

"Remi helped me with the analysis of our complex IT structures. IT structures that were not always clear to me from the operational business. Remi peeled these off during the period in which we worked together and gave me insight into the issue, including possible solutions. With this I could continue with my operations."

Arie Blokland, Supply Chain Manager Mortgages Servicing

1. first, Let's say Hi

2. Extensive experience

3. Observe and Analyze

4. Set SMART Goals

5. Hands-on Executive

6. We won't be around forever

Discovery & introduction

Before anything, let's get to know each other and setup a free of charge introduction call in which you talk and Remi listens. At the end, you’ll receive a summary of how he read the situation. Providing you with some pointers on what could be done to improve the situation immediatly.

Establishing an early connection on both a professional and personal level will be essential prove valuable for everyone further along in our potential collaboration.

Cutting edge & a straight shooter

All you need to do is provide context around your industry and challenge(s). As a tech enthousiast Remi comes pre-equiped with knowledge around the hot topics in the technology space. 

If he can’t help you or it’s just not his cup of tea he’ll tell you immediately, but he probably knows someone that can help.


If you are in a hurry, go slowly! In this phase, depending on the symptoms, we need to study. We participate and learn but do not actively intervene.

Fighting symptoms is short term but also short "lived" success. We are here to help you eliminate the underlying issues this as a stepping stone towards permanent change.

SMART Engagement

We have no desire to overstay our welcome. We jointly set up smart criteria to (frequently) measure if we have reached the goals.

The mission is to get Remi out, SMART engagement will help us achive just that!

Hands-on work

When everything is ready, it's time to start improving your situation.

We will not just be telling you how to change though. You'll get an executive that's willing to go into the trenches.

Working with the teams hands-on and supporting them daily, will help us get you back to growing faster.

Transforming your organization to enable hyper growth, starts with enabling everybody to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Get ready to say goodbye

Success we created needs to be nurtured. After your goals have been achieved,  the hand over of responsibilities to the teams can start.

The employees that have proven to be valuable for your organization will be prepared to lead from that point on.

The teams will balance the needed tension between the soldiers (they keep the lights on), and the artists (they bring creativity).

In these days where we either work remote or hybrid managing on output instead of presence is key to adapt to the new normal.

How we like to work with you

Technical Co-founder

The road from idea to funding is always a challenging. We can help you build a MVP (not a Beta) of your idea. This way you can focus on validating your idea with potential customers rapidly and at reasonable cost.

For visionary talks and investor engagements Remi can join as a technical co-founder.

Instead of charging you by the hour, we invest some of our time and money into your business idea. We will become a team.In return we'll get a portion of the equity in your company.

Interim Basis

When we are called in as interim CTO/CFO. We'll agree on a daily tariff and a timeframe.

The goal is to get you over whatever technological or financial challenge you're facing.

We'll not stick around longer than needed, our mission is to make ourselves redundant as soon as possible / desired.

We are flexible in the assignments we take on, they can vary from part-time to full-time. What we have learned is that scarcity breeds clarity, through this we help drive focus, creativity and self-reliance. (edited)

ways you can cooperate with us

Let's start Co-Creating.

Request a introduction call now and tell us all about your growth challenges!

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What can we do for you?

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