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Digital Product

Build low-buget prototypes
and MVP's

Build a digital product
people want

Hire us as your technical

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Make your IT architecture
future proof

Increase productivity of your development team

Get business and IT to work on a common mission

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Mergers, acquisitions,
divestitures, and sales

Become financially healthy
and grow

Execute successful

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When do you call us?

  • When you're stuck developing your (digital) product
  • Your venture doesn't scale the way you envisage.
  • You have a great idea but are in need of development capacity to make it come to life.
About D3cisive

Don't only listen to us

“The collaboration with D3cisive, Yannick and Thomas in specific, has made our idea tangible. Together we were able to realize the first MVP of our startup for minimal costs. However, this is not all, after the successful MVP we will continue to build a scaled-up product together.”

Bouwe van Neerbos, Co-founder

Remi surprised me with his effective way of working in which personal interaction and collaboration between the tech-teams is paramount. He contributed to the overarching organizational efficiency and goals by implementing simple structures and processes.”

Vincent van Donselaar, Co-founder

"Yannick and Thomas are a great addition to the core of your business. I have now worked with them for a few years, and have always appreciated their contribution to our team"

Dion Kenter, Co-founder

"Remi helped me with the analysis of our complex IT structures. IT structures that were not always clear to me from the operational business. Remi peeled these off during the period in which we worked together and gave me insight into the issue, including possible solutions. With this I could continue with my operations."

Arie Blokland, Supply Chain Manager Mortgages Servicing

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