Providing Honest Answers and On-Target Execution

About D3cisive

A combination of C-level expertise

Marijn de Jong, Remi Caron, and Madelein Smit joined forces in 2017 to help your company or venture re-initiate growth. Their combination of C-level technological, financial, and managerial expertise allows for rapid decision making and executional excellence.

What do we do?

We provide you with interim leadership, honest answers, and effective execution for when you are stuck developing your (digital) product and ventures that don't scale as envisaged. 

Driven by your goals

Our services are driven by the goals you have set for your company. We strive to help you make fact-based decisions and implement executional excellence to reach your goals.

Telling you what you need to hear

We give you the answers you need to hear. We ask the questions we need to ask. It's all about telling you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. You won't grow from beating around the bush. 

Experience mixed with a modern vision

Today’s world evolves fast, our young professionals are digitally born and keep us grounded in a rapidly changing environment.

Do or do not, there is no try

We are pragmatic and hands-on, together we will find the road to success. We out-think and then out-work challenges. We clean up messes and get stuff done!

The Team

Learn about the team members.

Marijn de Jong


Investments, Finance & Legal

Leadership in Growth Investment, Innovation, and M&A, non-executive directorships in 4 countries. Managing Partner in a rapidly growing advisory & investment boutique, core mentor at Rockstart (accelerator) smart-energy program, and evaluator for the EASME program of the European Commission. Marijn holds a Master’s degree in Business Economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and graduated from Harvard Business School's General Management Program in 1999.

Profile picture of Marijn de Jong, partner at D3cisive


CTO & Strategy

Innovative, accountable IT advisor and executive with an accomplished 20+ year career. Track record of taking businesses to the next level through technical expertise and decisive leadership. Excels in delivering business transformation solutions in alignment with corporate vision by implementing the roadmaps and strategies that drive business expansion and revenue growth. Remi holds an MBA in Business & IT from Nyenrode Business University and has access to a global network of industry-leading experts.

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Yannick Caron


Business Innovation

Yannick is an innovative young professional who has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. After various internships at companies that focus on IT and sustainability, he decided that the IT & software industry is the best place to start his career whilst being a founder at a startup. They've built a co-bot that assists its users to make better choices about nutrition combined with the best pricing. That's where he learned about building a business in the ‘real’ world. Here at D3cisive, he will combine his experience and knowledge to help businesses build digital products and strategies and help enterprises overcome commercial challenges.

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Thomas de Jong


Digital Innovation

Thomas is a hard-working and solution-oriented young professional who also finished his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. His internships at IT-oriented companies rapidly developed his affinity with the IT & Software industry. The independence he showed by, for example, teaching himself how to write some code and building chatbots for cutting edge solutions makes him a valuable asset for any IT & software related company. He is co-founder together with Yannick. During the development of this startup, he again showed the ability to develop new skills very quickly, which will help to explore new opportunities as part of the younger generation here at D3cisive.

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What can we do for you?

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