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Let's develop your prototype, MVP or full-scale app

Build a prototype or MVP to find your product-market fit.

Here's the deal. Next to running out of money, the lack of product-market fit is one of the biggest reasons startups fail.

Either the market doesn't need your solution, or you’re targeting the wrong audience. Unfortunately, this still happens more than it should. Building something people want is one of the hardest things in the world.

Working with our young professionals, Thomas de Jong and Yannick Caron, you’ll be able to avoid this trap. They'll help you figure out the best strategy to validate and/or prototype your idea. Capitalizing on their combined skill set enables you to validate your digital product without wasting too much money or time.

Let's talk about your product
D3cisive team working on MVP

Build succesfull applications with a high quality development team

Your idea has proven feasibility! Great achievement! Now it’s time to start developing your full-scale digital product. That’s when you’ll encounter your next challenge. The fight for high-quality tech talent.

Developers that can build mobile applications on Android or iOS, or any developer for that matter, are hard to come by. Also, when you do find one, you’ll experience the theory of supply and demand in practice. Developers are not cheap!

At D3cisive, we’ve established long-lasting partnerships with development companies in and outside of Europe. Working together with us get's you access to talented, educated, and cost-efficient developers in places you wouldn’t have thought to look.

Some words from other Start-up founders

“The collaboration with D3cisive, Yannick and Thomas in specific, has made our idea tangible. Together we were able to realize the first MVP of our startup for minimal costs. However, this is not all, after the successful MVP we will continue to build a scaled-up product together.”

Bouwe van Neerbos, Co-founder

"Yannick and Thomas are a great addition to the core of your business. I have now worked with them for a few years, and have always appreciated their contribution to our team"

Dion Kenter, Co-founder

1. first, Let's say Hi

2. Internal Research

3. Q&A session

4. Project Proposal

5. Let's get to work!

6. Get ready for launch

Discovery & introduction

Before anything, let's get to know each other.

We're eager to learn all about the digital product you want to build!

Establishing an early connection on both a professional and personal level will prove valuable for everyone further along in our potential collaboration.

Tech & industry research

Based on all the materials you can provide us, we'll conduct research to learn about your industry and map out the technological possibilities for your product.

In our opinion, you don't need a partner that just builds your product. You need a partner that facilitates you on every digital level. Therefore we have to deep dive into your product, industry, and goals.

Getting to the bottom

Using the research, we’ll go through the questions that arose and the assumptions that we came across. 

Together we’ll go through the questions and assumptions to even better understand your product, industry and goals.

This is not a one-sided session though. Ask us anything you want.

Make sure that we understand what you're after and we’re all on the same page.

Detailed, personalized, and fair

After everyone is on the same page, we'll get together with everyone involved to create a proposal.

Your proposal will be detailed, personalized and fair, showing what every part of your product will cost.

We'll also include all the assumptions made and risks we see in the project. This will avoid you being confronted with any surprises half way through.

The team starts working

No more talking, it's time to get to work.

During the development it's very important to keep you updated and walk you through the completed actions.

Also, we like to (strongly advise you to) include prospective users in the testing too. You're making your product for your user. They should have a say in the development phase.

After all, preventing is better than curing. Using this methodology helps you save money and results in more happy users.

Let's go live

So then you're at the exciting part.

All the time you've been preparing for this moment. 
Now you'll release your MVP or digital product into the wild.

Let's brace for impact and aim for success!

How you get the best out of our cooperation

Technical Co-founder

Funding is always a challenging aspect for start-ups.

Therefore, there's a limited amount of MVP/prototype projects we take on as technical co-founders.

Instead of charging you for the development we invest some of our time and money into development of your MVP/prototype.

In return we'll get a portion of the shares of your company.

Project Basis

We can also just cooperate via the usual way.

We estimate the total workload, agree on pricing and build something great together.

We prefer to work on Time & Material basis to ensure the completion and quality of your product.

Nevertheless, we can also come up with a fixed prices for your project if that has your preference.

ways you can cooperate with us

Let's build something your users will love!

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