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Implement and Execute Strategies For...

Technological challenges

Successfully nearshore (some) workloads.

Technical due diligence.

What can the latest technology do for my company and/or my customers?

Computer screen with code icon and sprocket behind it illustrating technological challenges
Dollar coin with increasing graph showing financial challenges

Financial challenges

Mergers and acquisitions.

Managing cash flow.

Spinout business unit(s).

MANAGERIAL challenges

Revitalize underperforming teams.

Rationalize your application landscape.

Introduction of an Agile methodology that works (scrum isn’t the only one).

Network of people showing company structure and illustrating managerial challenges
Presentation showing a road map with diagram behind it illustrating commercial challenges

Commercial challenges

Validating assumptions with MVP’s.

Going from start-up to scale-up.

Implement pivoting strategies.

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